I love to readcook, and eat. Sometimes I read while I cook, but never while I eat. Too messy. I love books that make me cry or laugh out loud. I love books that make me miss the main characters when the last page is finished. I may end up depressed for days, but as long as a book makes me feel something, I will not put it down. I hope my suggestions will help you discover books you cannot live without. And just so you know, I am a reformed finish-the-book-no-matter-what reader. I usually hang in their for more than fifty pages, but not many more. Let’s read!

Anna Ormon

P.S. I don’t stick to bestseller lists, or books fresh off the presses. I read those, but some days I like to dig through the shelves and find something with a bit of age on it. They’re also easier on the debit card, too. Did I mention cookbooks?

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